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  • Mayfair
  • ££££

The new flagship from this Madrid favourite, designed to take you on a journey through the Amazon with rainforest-esque interiors and drinks that don't disappoint from the comfort of Mayfair.


10 Berkeley Square, London, W1J 6BR
+44 (0) 20 7404 5000
Opening Times
Mon-Sat 12.00-01.00
Sun 12.00-00.00


  • DrinkUp.London

    DrinkUp.London Says…

    Step into this bar and restaurant and you'll feel like you're in Rainforest Cafe for grown-ups - an absolute paradise in the heart of Mayfair. You start your journey at the bar, which they purposefully didn't want to hide at the back and you can see why. Specially selected tiki mugs and exotic-looking glassware line the shelves of this gorgeous rounded cabana bar, where you'll take a perch on one of the plush green velvet stools and spy the impressive back bar that rises up to the ceiling. Cocktails nod to the Amazon with a few surprise ingredients you'll have to ask the bartender about, but the results are all tasty and the majority of drinks can have ingredients substituted with a non-alcoholic alternative, so no-one misses out. If you're not eating here, you should and if you really can't then make sure you check out the whole place. Each section flows efforlessly into the next, a feast for the senses with an open-kitchen behind glass, pineapples on spits, a raw sushi bar, plants galore and silk roof hangings that move with the air system... if Amazónico doesn't make you feel like you're flowing down a river in the jungle, we don't know what will.