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Rieslings to be Cheerful

  • 04/07/2017
  • £50

Kick-start 31 Days of German Riesling in July with this Honest Grapes Rieslings tasting event hosted by wine expert Andreas Bender.


Lutyens Restaurant, 85 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1AE

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Did you know that 31 Days of Riesling is coming up in July? Well the team at Honest Grapes thought they would celebrate by getting the creative yet unorthodox Andreas Bender over from the Mosel to talk about his wines.

Andreas is so confident in his wines that he has agreed to showcase them amongst a selection of different styles of Rieslings, old and new world and has even put one of his favourites up blind against Lutyens Restaurants own sommelier choice. Let's see who wins the battle.....

You will be trying the following wines which will be paired with a number of delicious canapes...
Dajoar Zenit Rielsing, Andreas Bender 2014 (Mosel, Germany)
Riesling, San Leonardo 2013 (Trentino, Italy)
Le Blanc Plonk Jamsheed 2015 (Yara Valley, Australia)
Old Vine Precedent Riesling (California, USA) 
Well, it is the 4th July, America's Independence Day after all...

Then you will proceed to a Battle of the Bottles, where Andrea's riesling, plus another sweet riesling square up to the sommeliers choice. Only you can decide who is victorious.

So join the team at Lutyens Restaurant with Andreas Bender and the host Christian McLarnon for a night of Rieslings, canapés and battles.