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  • 25/08/2017 to 23/09/2017
  • £18.00

Sipsmith have teamed up with immersive dining pros Gingerline to create an immersive gin soaked supper club in a secret East London location


Secret location, London
25/08/2017 to 23/09/2017
Various time slots available between 18.45-20.15

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Lord & Lady Juniper cordially invite you to (dip your toe) in their infamous Secret Soiree at Juniper Manor - the ideal evening for imaginative souls and ginthusiasts. 

Brought to you by immersive dining masterminds Gingerline and the passionate pioneers of London's gin renaissance, Sipsmith this is the perfect opportunity to take a sneak peak at Gingerline’s latest immersive dining adventure. 

For those curious about the happenings within the Manor walls, bar only tickets will be a mere £18 per person! On arrival, you'll be presented with 2 tokens which correspond to specific areas of the Manor. When you find each station you'll be treated to a tasty morsel and a delicious cocktail to enjoy. Be warned, you may be asked to partake in Manor tasks, but we promise they'll be fun! You’ll also have a chance to play on always win gin roulette wheel and tour the manor with the esteemed Historians. 

So that's 3 cocktails, 2 tasty morsels and an evening reveling in the Manor bar all for just £18 per person..... what a treat! 

Pssst…. Tickets for the full four-course multi room dining experience are available from the Juniper Manor website. For further information on the full experience, visit here

HOW IT WORKSread carefully dear guests, the Manors secret location is closely guarded and will only be revealed on the day you join the soiree.

You Book: We'll gather all of your dietary and contact information when you book. You will then receive your tickets along with vital information you need. Read very carefully. 

You Find: You will receive the location of the Manor via text message at 4.15pm on the day of your ticket. Follow these carefully to find its latest secret location, somewhere along the East London Overground Line (HINT: between Canada Water and New Cross) 

Juniper Manor bar tickets have four different arrival times. Please arrive at Juniper Manor at the time noted on your ticket. 

You Go: You’ll receive your tokens to exchange for 3 cocktails and 3 tasty morsels Make sure you catch a Manor tour with the Historians or just sit down, relax and enjoy your surroundings.  

We request guests at the Manor wear black and white attire in any form, monocles, spats and fancy neckties are completely optional, but wholeheartedly encouraged. High-heeled shoes are fervently discouraged.

Excited? We certainly are! 

Grab your bar only ticket now before they disappear.