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A Tuscan night in London

  • 06/03/2018
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Florence's top bartenders and premium craft spirits land at Waeska to present "A Tuscan night in London" on 6th March


Waeska, The Mandrake Hotel, 20-21 Newman Street, London, W1T 1PG
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6th March 2018, The Mandrake Hotel’s Waeska bar will celebrate Tuscany's first class botanicals and cocktail making with "A Tuscan Night in London", a guest bartender shift that will see the participation of two award-winning mixologists from Florence and local premium spirits VKA Organic Vodka - first organic Tuscan vodka - and Peter in Florence - first London Dry Gin distilled almost exclusively from Tuscan botanicals. 

Inviting Londoners to taste and toast to Tuscany, Edoardo Sandri (Atrium Bar, Four Seasons, Florence) and Robert Pavel (Fusion Bar & Restaurant, Gallery Hotel Art, Lungarno Collection, Florence) will showcase a bespoke collection of cocktails made with the region's finest ingredients and craft spirits including VKA Organic Vodka, Peter in Florence London Dry Gin  as well as NUNQUAM liqueurs. From seasonal fruits to Tuscan trademarks such as Vin Santo and Chianti, Edoardo and Robert's concoctions will bring the region's outstanding flavours to delight London's thirsty palates. Two signature VKA and Peter in Florence serves will also be added to the drinks list to highlight the distinctive notes of the products - Espresso Toscano and Tuscan Martinez, two takes on the Espresso Martini and Martinez respectively.

The collaboration between the parties has been sponsored by VKA Organic Vodka and Peter in Florence, two young distilling companies nestled in the breathtaking Florentine hills. Determined to bring their top-quality products to the attention of the UK drinks industry, the two brands selected Waeska among London's best bars to team up. Representatives from VKA Organic Vodka, Peter in Florence and Strongwells (UK distributor for the two brands) will be present on the evening for drinkers to taste and hear more about the two recently-launched premium spirits.

The Florenine pair will also shake and mix at Four Seasons' Atrium Bar on 1st March for "A Tuscan Night in Florence". The initiative will also involve a guest shift for Waeska's team to perform in Florence later this spring.