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Anti-Valentine’s Party @ Bounce Farringdon

  • 14/02/2019
  • £6

Celebrate NOT being in love with ping pong, giant heart shaped piñatas, love police, cocktails and more...


Bounce Farringdon, 121 Holborn, London, EC1N 2TD
From 18.00

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Back again for the seventh year, the London institution that is Bounce’s Anti-Valentines Party is back in Farringdon. Celebrate with them and show just how good you are at NOT being in love, and embrace the sheer joy of being single at Bounce’s most epic party to date.

This is not a love festival. This is not a place to hold hands or swap emotions with a partner. There will be no tender touching and no furtive glances. If Paris is the city of love, then Bounce is the village of casual friends. This is one London venue that won’t be sinking under the weight of loved up loonies this Valentine’s. instead we’ll be smashing apart heart shaped piñatas, drinking cocktails and experiencing true love by way of pepperoni pizza, ping pong and a playlist that includes empowering numbers from TLC.

But, if you absolutely insist of finding someone compatible, Bumble will be on hand to provide cocktails for amorous pairings.

Your ticket includes Unlimited Ping Pong & Wonderball, giant heart shaped piñatas ready to be smashed, love police breaking up any ‘Romance Rebels’, group games and tournaments organised by the formally romantic Bounce Games Gurus, Europe’s best music for partygoers to shake themselves on the dance floor, from DJ Shredded Pete, an incredibly single dude* (*not strictly true) and… prizes of the liquid variety!