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Whisky Show Masterclass: Foursquare

  • 29/09/2019
  • £35

Join Foursquare rum head distiller Richard Seale to learn how the world of rum has changed over the past few decades and find out how he makes his award-winning rums, only at Whisky Show.


Old Billingsgate, 1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London, EC3R 6DX


Rum is a spirit that's ever changing. From the earliest days of production through to modern spirit, technology and the attitudes of society have shaped rum. At present, rum is having a renaissance, with drinkers increasingly interested in how high-quality rum is made and how it can vary in taste. Step forward Richard Seale, one of the Guardians of Rum.

Richard has been working to change the perception of drinkers and show them that rum isn't necessarily a sweet and sticky spirit. He has championed transparency in labelling and, along with Luca Gargano, created the classification system for rum that is the inspiration for The Whisky Exchange's own.

In this masterclass, Richard will explain how he his trying to show the world the true face of rum by pouring a number of releases from his stable, both ongoing bottlings and the special editions that have recently been making waves.

If you want to learn about rum, Richard Seale is the man to talk to. This masterclass is a chance to hear about his approach to rum and taste the fruits of those labours.

The line-up:
Foursquare 2007
Doorly's 14 Year Old
Foursquare Empery
Foursquare Hereditas
Foursquare Patrimonio

Please note: you must have a valid ticket to Whisky Show on Sunday 29 September to attend this masterclass.