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Escape the Ordinary – The fresh harmony of Seafood and Sake

  • 24/10/2019 to 26/10/2019
  • Priced per dish

In celebration of World Sake Day and Japan Week (which have taken place this month), The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) is hosting an exclusive pop-up in Shoreditch to celebrate Sake and Seafood, in collaboration with The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen.


46 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3EP
24/10/2019 to 26/10/2019
Lunch - 12.00-15.00, Dinner - 17.00-21.00
Priced per dish

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Throughout the three day pop up, Japanese Sake Sommelier and Sake Expert will be inviting you to experience a selection of authentic Japanese sakes alongside an expertly paired seafood tasting menu. This pop-up will also offer the opportunity to learn the etiquette and history behind sake tasting.

JFOODO hopes to break the stereotype “seafood goes well with white wine” and instead wants to encourage the pairing of Japanese sake with seafood instead. Sake is both a beverage and an expression of Japanese identity. It embodies craftsmanship, innovation and versatility. For the past 2,000 years, its creators have harnessed nature and science to craft a brew that has developed hand-in-hand with Japan’s unique culinary traditions. Once confined to Japanese menus, sake is becoming the drink of choice for lovers of fish and shellfish.

As part of this “Escape the Ordinary –The fresh harmony of Seafood and Sake” concept, you'll not only enjoy a regular ‘seafood and white wine’ pairing but will also enjoy a new ‘seafood and sake’ experience. This mirroring structure will illustrate the contrast between The Oystermen’s ‘ordinary’ seafood and white wine pairing with the fresh and exciting ‘Escape the Ordinary’ concept, with an expert sake sommelier to recommend an excellent beverage pairing.

Examples of the Sake and Seafood a la carte Tasting Menu*

6/12 Dressed Oysters 
6/12 Selection of Natural Oysters 
Rope-grown Scottish Mussels, XO sauce 
Smoked Cod Roe & Squid Ink Crackers 

Portland Crab Patty, Black Garlic & Kholrabi 
Scallop Tartare, Black Sesame Lime & Jalepeno 
Dorset Cuttlefish and Ndjua Broth 

Native Lobster Thermidor, Crayfish, Artichoke & Fennel 
Garlic and Rosemary marinated Haddock Tempura, Sautéd Potatoes & Jalepeño Mayonnaise 
Whole Dorset Brown Crab 
Whole Grilled Brixham Plaice, Capers & Sandwort 

75% Dark Chocolate Mousse, Peanut Brittle 
Tahitian Vanilla Pannacotta, Sea Buckthorn & Mango 

*Please note, this menu is subject to change