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  • 18/11/2020
  • £15

Shake your way into a rum-tastic bartender at our very own masterclass dedicated to the perfect summer cocktail, the Daiquiri. Join us in Shoreditch and leave the evening with some more drink-slinging skills and YOUR own perfect Daiquiri recipe.


TT Liquor, 17B Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA
18.30-19.45 OR 20.15-21.30

Tickets Unavailable 


The Cocktail Experiments are DrinkUp's very own masterclasses held in the heart of Shoreditch and designed to help you discover your own perfect version of your favourite cocktails. You'll hear some fun facts about the history of the Daiquiri and the possible American influence on it's creation, then run through a spirits tasting before mixing up your very own personal version of this bartender's favourite to enjoy.

Your evening consists of a masterclass with one of our favourite boozy gurus, who will chat through the components that make up this classic sour, guiding the tasting and showing you the perfect way to prepare your cocktail, before you have a go at making one yourself.

During the session you'll taste six spectacular rums from dark to white, learning how each creates it's own unique version of this three part refreshing libation. You'll then be shown how to shake up your favourite combo of rum, lime and sugar to create YOUR perfect Daiquiri. Plus you'll get to enjoy another Daiquiri made for you by the TT Liquor team in their Cellar Bar for FREE. 

There are two time slots to choose from - 6.30pm or 8.15pm.

Tickets include the masterclass, all tastings, one cocktail made by you and one cocktail made by the TT Liquor team to be enjoyed in their Cellar Bar before or after the session.

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