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  • 06/02/2020 to 12/02/2020
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Forget ‘roses are red, violets are blue’ this Valentine’s Day, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum are inspiring you to write love limericks in order to win the blackest bottle of rum ever created!


06/02/2020 to 12/02/2020


Forget ‘roses are red, violets are blue’ this Valentine’s Day, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has locked tentacles with notorious punk poet John Cooper Clarke to inspire the nation to write love limericks sharper than Cupid’s arrows. The mighty Kraken will award its favourite odes with limited-edition bottles of ‘Kraken Blaken’, hewn in the blackest of black paints known to man or Beast... and how else would you deliver these bottles? Well, by Kraken Rumantic milk floats of course.

Shall I compare thee to a mighty sea beast? Poetry has always proven a suitable recourse for starry-eyed suitors on Valentine’s Day, but this year the nation’s verses are about to get PUNK, as The Kraken Black Spiced Rum links up with the notorious wordsmith John Cooper Clarke to inspire budding bards to explore the darker side of love. Launching the most beastly poetry competition the UK has ever seen with a specially commissioned verse written and read by John Cooper Clarke himself, the lusty lyricists who prove their love is as deep as the darkest ocean and impress The ‘Beast’ will win a limited-edition bottle of ‘Kraken Blaken’.

All you have to do is submit limericks directly to The Beast, via its digital lair The League of Darkness.

When it comes to bottles this special, they can’t possibly be delivered by anyone but the very best – which is where ‘The Kraken Rumantics’ delivery service come in… And this time they’re on milk floats! Yes, you read it right the Kraken Rumantics biker fraternity has parked up its high end horsepower motor bikes and temporarily swapped them with a fleet of blackened and betentacled eco-friendly, battery powered milk floats driven by the Beast’s most dedicated milkmen and women. The show-stopping floats will be arriving at front doors in London to deliver the dark delights, guaranteeing a night of unforgettable rumance. 

The Kraken Rumantics competition runs from Monday 3rd - Wednesday 12th February, with the legendary sea creature delivering the winning entries to our beastly bards via The Kraken’s Milk Floats on Friday 14th February!