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Lockdown(ward) Facing Dog Yoga

  • 24/03/2020 to 31/05/2020
  • Donations welcomed

Hospo-turned-yogi, our lovely Libby Limon is running four classes a week via Zoom for those looking to keep active.
Donations welcomed so stretchy pants at the ready.


Your Living Room, London
24/03/2020 to 31/05/2020
10am / 6.30pm
Donations welcomed

Book via 


The class which will be 60mins, however I’ve allowed some time at the beginning for us all to get used to the medium, adjust sounds etc. so it is a good as it can be for everyone. I have selected cameras on, so we can all feel part of the community - however if you rather not be on video feel free to turn it off. 

Ideally you need some stretchy pants (I mean, now we are not leaving the house what else is there to wear?!) and a yoga mat. If you don’t have a mat, a hard floor is easier to get grip on and get a towel to put under your knees when needs be. I am going to try and keep my classes prop free, but if you are newer to yoga or regularly use blocks and don’t have some, grab what ever you can - maybe a couple of canned foods.

Weekly timetable for classes will be as follows;

Monday 6.30pm slow hatha flow
Wednesday 6.30pm vinyasa
Friday 10am slow hatha flow
Saturday 10am vinyasa

Please get in touch with Libby via Instagram to register for the Zoom link. 

I have advertised this class as free and I absolutely want that to be the case for anyone who needs that support and is in financial difficulty due to the crisis. However, as the crisis has developed my own financial predicament has become increasingly clear that it is in difficulty. So two things if you are still in a financially stable position;

1. Feel free to do a donation for this class - you can do this via PayPal - my email [email protected]  is my account to transfer to.
Or if you prefer email me directly and i can give you my bank acc. to do a BACs transfer to.

2. Support your favourite restaurants and bars in this period that are switching to delivery food and cocktails.