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Fenjiu cocktail masterclass

  • 18/04/2020 to 02/05/2020
  • FREE

A new weekly series of cocktail making masterclasses from top foodies and bartenders!


Your Living Room, London
18/04/2020 to 02/05/2020


Learn something new during lockdown and have fun discovering baijiu!

First up, Andrea will be going live on Instagram to make the cocktail that won him the coveted Fenjiu Ambassador title. Andrea’s “The Golden Empire” cocktail will be the star of Saturday’s show when he will share his inspiration for the serve and demonstrate how using a premium “light aroma” baijiu is a great alternative spirit for cocktail making.

The new series will include further Fenjiu cocktail making classes next week with the Bar Manager of The Stratford Hotel, Enrico Gonzato, and The Wine Tipster, Neil Phillips, as well as a lesson on how to Match Food and Fenjiu, showing you how to bring out the aromas and flavours in key international dishes and how to use Fenjiu in cooking.

Who else is coming up...
• Chinese Spirit Talk with Fenjiu Ambassador, Andrea Dionori, and Asian spirits specialist, Billy Abbott, on Friday 17th April, 6pm-7pm
• Fenjiu Cocktail Making with Andrea Dionori on Saturday 18th April, 6pm-7pm
• Fenjiu Cocktail Making with Enrico Gonzato Bar Manager at The Stratford Hotel on Friday 24th April, 6pm-7pm
• Neil Philips The Wine Tipster will be mixing up Fenjiu Cocktails from his home cocktail cabinet on Saturday 25th April, 6pm-7pm
• Fenjiu Food & Chocolate on Friday 1st May, 1pm-2.30pm
• Fenjiu Tiramisu on Saturday 2nd May, 2pm-3.30pm

You can join the Fenjiu livestream series at home via their Instagram channel @Cheng_International. During several of the sessions, you will have the chance to win a bottle of Fenjiu baijiu.