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London’s Best Beer Bars and Tap Rooms

Ten fantastic places to enjoy a pint of the good stuff in the capital.

Mother Kelly's

Is it a taproom? Is it a pub? Is it an off-license? Mother Kelly's is all those things in one, with a great and ever-chaning selection of beers on tap and one of London's best bottle selections. Tucked in Bethnal Green's best foodie strip, beneath the rail arches, this is one of the city's best beer destinations. Whether it's a taproom or a pub, you decide. 

Hops & Gloryundefined

This is a great London pub run by someone who knows how hard it is to actually brew beer. Needless to say, we have a lot of respect for anything Durham Atkinson thinks is worthy of stocking. The pub itself is a delightful mix of creature comforts, Sunday roasts and great craft beers. 

Brew By Numbers Taproom

Open on a Friday evening and all day Saturday there's no better place to enjoy this craft brewery's beers than straight from the source. With such a big variety, you can enjoy their famous saison or something darker and chewy. Don't be expecting a beautifully decorated room - this is straight off the brewery but what it lacks in leather couches and wallpaper it makes up for in atmosphere and delicious beer. 

The Arbitrager

One for the London fans, this great little bar showcashes only London beers in a stunning space all decked out in tiles and copper. You'll have to squeeze in on busy days but the beers are fresh and you can learn a lot about this city's brewing history and amazing present brews. 

The Sun Tavern 


The unassuming Sun Tavern is an industrial-chic styled pub which has been opened by the same team as Discount Suit Company. Here you’ll be exposed to local beers, all brewed in London, on a rotating basis, as well as Irish spirits – from the well-loved whiskies to poteen.

Camden's Daughter

Moments away from Camden Town Brewery is their bar, serving all the Camden beers including the famed Hells Lager, as well as scrumptious snacks. Enjoy 13 tap beers, a fridge full of cans and weekend brunches. 

BrewDog Shoreditch

Rammed with hopheads male and female – it's all about the craft beers here. The space is austere at first glance but quickly fills up and becomes an atmospheric place to enjoy the beers of a company which is all about sticking it to the man. Nab one of the wooden booths and relax into a long session of great beers.

Duke's Brew & Que

When Barchick described this as Beer and BBQ Heaven they weren't wrong. The food here is outstanding but you can't go past the ribs and you're just moments from the pubs tanks were they produce beer that you can order on site to pair with your meal. Delightful!

The Rake


This tiny south London pub is one for any true beer geek's bucket list.They’re always changing the 5 beers they have on tap, and if they don’t take your fancy then you have over 200 bottles of beer and cider to choose from. It must be at least one of London's smallest pub but they have the capital's best beer selection - and as it's been said, if you can't find a beer you like here then you just aren't looking hard enough. 

Redchurch Brewery Taproom

Redchurch's taproom is truely better than most with a mezzanine above the brewing equipment all kitted out to form a proper pub, there's even a dart board. Enjoy all the brilliant brews from downstairs as well as lively company for enthusiastic locals who all love their brewery and come down to sup from source most weekends.