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A Londoner’s Last Word: The Last Dickie Bird

The Dickie Bird is a twist on famous Detroit cocktail The Last Word. It’s also made from ingredients that come entirely from London’s East End.

Social media has changed a lot about the world, including it would seem, how cocktails are created. This flavourful art form is no longer exclusive to those who work in the world’s best bars tinkering away with bottles of booze before a cocktail is ready to be sold. Nowadays the home bartender can present their drinks as well, which is exactly how The Last Dickie Bird, mixing only products made in east London, has been created.

Making excellent use of local Cockney rhyming slang, this drink is a twist on the classic gin, chartreuse, maraschino and lime cocktail called A Last Word, giving the Detroit original a new appeal.

“A home bartender, @mmydrinks, contacted a lot of other home bartenders like me, with the idea to try and find out how many varitiations there could be to the classic Detroit cocktail The Last Word,” explained Matt (@theamateurmixologist).

From that challenge, using the hashtag #wehavethelastword plenty of recipes came forward.

“This one is an ode to my little part of London,” wrote Matt. “Determined to make a local version where every ingredient came from the East End I emailed, messaged and searched until I found my component parts. If you include me as well all components come from a two mile radius.”

Matt worked hard to ensure that he stayed true to the original cocktail’s style, using a herbal amaro in place of Chartreuse and a tart fruit liqueur to replace to maraschino. The gin is from East London Liquor Co, based in Bow, the liqueur is Mother’s Ruin Rhubarb Liqueur from Walthamstow and his herbal notes come from Stellacello’s London Amaro, made in Bethnal Green.

The Last Dickie Bird is a great example of how London's craft booze scene can come together to create true-homegrown recipes.