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How to make an Irish Coffee

Whiskey, coffee, cream and sugar.

Rich, boozy coffee

A comforting, warming concoction, an Irish Coffee works as an after-dinner treat or, a few hours later, as a tempting night cap

It was the winter of 1942-43 in Ireland when a group of travellers found themselves stranded on a seaplane dock by the River Shannon. It had already been a long journey on route to Canada when bad weather waylaid them. Out of sorts, they were tired and cold – something the terminal’s barman, Joe Sheridan, noticed.

The solution? Whiskey. Sugar. Hot coffee. Cream.

Make it at home:

Prep Time: 3 minutes   |   Serves: 1   |   Skill: Super easy

60ml whiskey (Irish preferably)   |   150ml hot brewed coffee   |   20ml sugar syrup   |   Double cream to top

Brew fresh coffee

Toddy glass   |   Stirrer

1. Pour the whisky, coffee and sugar syrup in the glass
2. Stir to combine the liquids
3. Float the cream on top