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DrinkUp with... Dan Keeling

A catch up about wine, music and all-time heroes with the co-founder of Noble Rot.

Having spent his former years as a music mogul - as managing director of Island Records and head of A&R at Parlophone Records no less - Dan Keeling, pictured above left with business partner Mark Andrew, is co-founder of Noble Rot magazine and wine bar & restaurant and one half of the duo behind the innovative brand shaking up the London wine scene. 

How’s life at Rotter HQ?
Joyfully lubricated.

What’s your favourite track on the Noble Rot playlist?
Baxter Dury - ‘Miami’.

If we’re popping in for a pit-stop at the bar what’s the one wine and food pairing we should order?
2015 E&E Vocoret Chablis 1er Cru ‘Butteaux’ with a slip sole in smoked butter.

Have you ever had a hero? Who and why…
Brian Eno, for finding interest in the most mundane of things.

What’s your favourite bar in London?
The Nag’s Head, Kinnerton St, Belgravia.

Where do you go for late night dirty food?
The Regency Club, Queensbury. 

Your Desert Island Disc – you only get one track but you also get a wine to drink while you play it… what are they?
Dance Like A Monkey by The New York Dolls with Denis Bachelet Charmes-Chambertin 1999

If you weren't a wino what would you like to be?
Professional Scrabble champion.

If we asked you out for lunch, where would you be hoping we’d book a table?
Extebarri in Basque Country.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
It was cooked by Michel Guérard at Prés d’Eugenie in Landes, France.

What’s the most underrated food spot in town?
Core by Clare Smyth.

What’s your favourite spot in London that’s not a bar or restaurant?
The London Library in St James.