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Beers In Your Lunch Hour

Because it's London Beer Week and this kind of thing is applauded.

The thing is with beer, is that it’s widely considered ok to drink in the day. If this was London Martini Week we’re not sure we’d be able to write this in quite the same vein, but… well – it’s beer! It’s delicious and refreshing and this London Beer Week there’s even the chance for learning and growing with our £5 Flights which let you taste three beers for less than the price of one to educate your palate while you drink.
So… with your trusty LBW Festival Pass safely stored on your phone, we’ve put together the very best option of where to savour a saison during London Beer Week.

If you work in Farringdon;
You’re so spoilt for choice in your hour-long break with all those tempting lunch deals and special offers… However – it’s London Beer Week and we’d like you to make the most of your pass. Head to the eclectic Ninth Ward and taste The Kernel Table Beer Session IPA, Siren Yu Lu Session IPA and Lost And Grounded Running with Sceptres.  
Open from midday.


If you work in Chancery Lane;
Now, we’re generalising, but you probably don’t have time for lunch, so lets bounce this to 5pm for you. Sorry about that. When the opportunity comes – we say run for your life and you can’t go far wrong with Draft House Chancery. Yes they’re a chain but hot damn they care about their beer… they’re also championing British beer this LBW so expect to taste Siren Craft Brew Session Pale Ale, The Wild Beer Co Pogo Pale Ale and Weird Beard Brew Co Black Perle Stout.
Open from midday.

If you work in Soho;
Lucky you. Not only do you probably have a terribly cool job but you also get to peruse the joys of Beak Street whenever you choose. We’d like to be friends with whoever’s selling that real estate. Moscot, Rag & Bone, Aesop… the dream! However, this LBW avoid the desire to join the queue at Bao and instead head to The Duck And Rice and taste a truly unique flight. Serving up Pilsner Urquell straight from the tank, London’s Hiver Honey Beer and Porterhouse Oyster Stout for your fiver.
Open from midday.

If you work in Liverpool Street;
Bishopsgate can sometimes feel like a no man’s land when it comes to quality beverages. It’s like you know there’s more available but just you need to pick the right side street for the wealth of E1 to reveal itself to you… However – there is one place right on your doorstep which is always welcome respite from the commuters; Lady Abercorn’s Pub & Kitchen within the Andaz Hotel. Masquerading as a classic English pub, they have put together a quintessential flight to suit the setting. The Lady A from 3 Sods in Bethnal Green, the Dizzy Blonde golden ale from Robinson’s Brewery and the ultimate classic ale – Bombardier.
Open from midday.

If you work in Hackney;
You might just be lucky enough to work from home. Ahhhh. Freelance. Those halcyon days. If you’re looking for a reason to leave the house, why not pop into Oslo Hackney for a locally brewed Crate IPA and a tasty little shot of Bulleit Bourbon. C’mon, you’re self-employed. Only you will know.
Open from midday.

If you work near Tottenham Court Road;
Push on through. The building work has to be done soon. Take a side step away from the hectic-ness that’s been your life for the last few years and head to Herman Ze German who are taking care of the food too. It’s a flight of German biers and their signature Currywurst for a very respectable £10. (You can swerve the sausage if you’d prefer).
Open from midday.

If you work in the City;
Take a break. Take your colleagues. Maybe take the rest of the afternoon off!? You’ve no doubt earned it with those very early starts. If you’re looking for somewhere off the beaten track head to The Arbitrager – this cosy little hidden gem of a bar which specialises in solely London produce. Their beer flight is no different and they’re showcasing Mondo Brewery’s Dennis Hopp’r, a wheat beer from Portobello Brewing Co and London Beer Factory’s Big Milk Stout.
Open from midday.


If you work in Kings Cross;
You are one lucky worker bee. It’s like someone came in with a Disney magic wand and made the whole place… glorious! Couple this with the romantic notion of just hopping on a train to Paris and there’s something special about this rejuvenated part of town. While you might be somewhat stretched to nip to the continent for a beer – you can console your self with a more homespun flight of London brewed beers at The Lighterman just off Granary Square.
Open from 8am. Easy now.  

If you work in Covent Garden;
You’ve the world on your doorstep in the heart of the glittering West End but side-stepping the tourists is no mean feat in this part of town. We suggest walking with purpose directly to The Theodore Bullfrog.  They’re tucked away by Charing Cross station and have paired a Truman’s IPA with Jameson Irish Whiskey – ok, maybe save this one for Fri-Yay.
Open from 11am.