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DrinkUp's Early Trend Predictions For 2019

No need to wait til the New Year for our new trend predictions… we’re ready to go.

We always try and get ahead over here at DrinkUp towers and this year – we’re cashing our chips in, putting our money where our mouths are and calling it early. No need to wait til the New Year for our new trend predictions… we’re ready to go.

All year we’ve been at new product launches, new bar openings, we’ve collated drinks lists from our favourite bars for six festivals this year and hosted competitions to find London’s favourite cocktail – which has led us to these 4 trends that we think will be coming up strong in 2019.

Yep…  It’s finally gone beyond the Pisco Sour and is gaining pace with London’s bartenders who are hailing its fresh, floral and fruity flavours. And it’s not just our opinion – we’ve got stats to back it up as we saw a 30% increase in the number of bars serving Pisco cocktails during The Cocktail Tours this year.
A jump like that hasn’t been seen for years (It was whisky. It was 2012) and is the best proof we have of something that’s about to go big… A delicious Pisco Punch from the team at The Resident of Paradise Row was also named the Best Cocktail of London Cocktail Week by an esteemed panel of judges AND via the people’s choice – yet again backing up that this South American spirit is on the up.

Non Alcoholic Options
Once upon a time, if you weren’t drinking it meant a sugary soda or if it was a fancy establishment – an Apple Mojito. But not any more. Now there are options. Good ones. And 2019 has even more. With some seriously exciting products set to launch any time soon (promise we’ll tell all as soon as we’re allowed) and a growing respect from bartenders to make a drink that stands up regardless of it’s diminished ABV – this trend is going to be HUGE. All the fun of visiting a bar, all the theatre of a carefully prepared drink – none of the bad bits that we don’t like to think about. Hoorah.

Fizz That Isn’t Champs
Not that Champagne shows any signs of slowing down or suddenly and inexplicably not being delicious, but… now we have options. The worm has had a tiny turn from the wine bods that some of the other sparkling options are pretty damn tasty. Crémant (dry sparkling wine from France) played a big part in this year’s London Wine Week and English Fizz featured heavily within the Wine Tours this year. With Prosecco fever finally slowing down (and with the recent explosion in Italy resulting in 30,000 litres less of the stuff) – 2019 is going to be the year that Cava, Sekt or Espumante step up. 

Old Fashioned Glamour
When it comes to bars – our top spot during London Cocktail Week was - The Ned. Good for them! It’s such a beautiful space and their twist on an Espresso Martini definitely hit the mark. So – old school opulence seems to be what you’re all opting for. In spades! And with some punchy launches over this year (have you been to The Principal yet? Or The Mandrake?) and lots more coming… (yes please Andre Balazs – we are delighted to have a Standard Hotel here in London!) - the time has come to look sharp and smarten up.

Something that is definitely not slowing down is Caffeinated Cocktails. We’re already working on our third Espresso Martini Fest – and the coffee options are coming in thick and fast. Whether they’re on draft, in a can, in a bottle or shaken up properly there’s a seemingly limitless way to twist a ‘Pharmaceutical Stimulant’.