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The place to hear about the newest boozy products launching onto the market. From flavoured vodkas, sustainably conscious gins and uncategorised spirits to something with CBD.

undefinedWhat is it: The latest release from Rebel Distillers, which combines botanical copper pot distillation with traditional perfumery and flavour extraction to create a beautiful liquid that's lower in sugar than other brands.
When are they launched? Now, available on their website and Master of Malt.
Drink it...: Added to Champagne to make something a little bit special...
undefinedWhat is it: The first gin to come out of India since the 40's, this delicious creation takes full advantage of the abundance of natural botanicals in their home based off the beaten track in Ponda, a district in South Goa with a rich history of spice farming. The resulting gin is a light and refreshing, three-dimensional spirit with spiced overtones, followed by an earthy, sweet aftertaste.
When are they launched? Available now in select London bars and on Masters of Malt online.
Drink it...: In a Gibson Martini, this earthy sweet gin only gets better when accompanied by a big juicy pickled onion!
undefinedWhat is it:
A contemporary take on vermouth made with a blend of white wines and carefully sourced botanicals including sweet Spanish oranges grown in Murcia, which are hand peeled and dried under the sun in a laborious traditional method that protects the essential oils in the peel.
When are they launched? Now, available from most major online drinks retailers.
Drink it...: As a replacement in your spritzes or on it's own with a flavoured tonic.
undefinedWhat is it: Popular in the 1920s, but long since forgotten, pineapple gin is back with a 21st century twist from our friends at That Boutiquey-Gin Company. Their version tastes like the inside of a pineapple fritter - juicy, with a touch of zestiness and light caramel - delicious!
When are they launched? Now, available from Amazon, Master of Malt, Ocado and Harvey Nichols.
Drink it...: Stirred into a Negroni for a tropical twist.
undefinedWhat is it: A pioneering new English sparkling botanic wine with a secret recipe that considered over 300 herbs and botanicals, carefully choosing a set for their therapeutic benefits.
When are they launched? Available now!
Who's going to be drinking it: The wellness crowd who still enjoy a tasty glass of bubbles.
undefinedWhat is it: A delicious jeroboam of Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé champagne -- aka two magnums! Light and elegant on the palate, it is the perfect pairing champagne – with the red berry flavours beautifully complementing everything from fish, to poultry and of course, desserts.
When are they launched? Summer 2019
Who's going to be drinking it: Anyone looking to liven up their centrepiece game and spoil their guests with a tasty Champagne.
What is it: A contemporary premium tequila distilled using a unique blend of highland and lowland agave, created by Tom Bishop and Jack Vereker who were inspired by a bottle of Añejo brought back from travels to Mexico. There are two expressions - an unaged No.1 Plata and a No.2 Reposado, aged for 7 months in American white oak whisky bottles.
When are they launched? Now!
Who's going to be drinking it: The team created El Rayo with the aim of recruiting new consumers to the category, so maybe gin or whisky drinkers looking to try something a little bit different!

undefinedWhat is it: First created in 2014 where it quickly gained a cult following amongst bartenders and gin enthusiasts, this gin which was inspired by the Chelsea Physic Garden has a herbaceous twist with lemon verbena and thyme added to the nine botanicals that feature in Beefeater’s classic London Dry recipe. Once only available to buy in person from the distillery, but now available worldwide, it's sure to be a hit... we love anything Desmond does!
When are they launched? Now!
Who's going to be drinking it: Fans of this iconic gin and anyone who likes a nice dry martini with a twist on a hot summer's day.
undefinedWhat is it: We're big fans of aged gins here and this one doesn't disappoint. Distilled in London with thirteen botanicals from around the world, before it is rested in West Indian rum casks for a rich and full flavour of creamy brioche, citrus, spice and black pepper.
When are they launched? Now, available from Amazon and Master of Malt.
Who's going to be drinking it: The more discerning gin drinkers, who like something a bit more complex.
undefinedWhat is it: The FIRST flavoured vodka from the lovely team at this Dorset distillery. We love it because it's not only tasty, but uses misshapen strawberries deemed unfit for sale that would otherwise be discarded.  
When are they launched? May 2019
Who's going to be drinking it: Anyone looking to easily jazz up their drinks at home, this summer.
What is it: The world's first range of non-alcholic aperitifs from the wonderful team behind Seedlip. The range includes a dry, bitter and an aromatic - all the ingredients needed for a non-alcoholic negroni!
When are they launched? 16th May 2019
Who's going to be drinking it: Cocktail connoisseurs looking to avoid the sauce.
undefinedWhat is it: A unique collection of three single malt whiskies representing tales of character, endeavour and craft, created at its home in Dufftown, Scotland.
When are they launched? Now, available at most online whisky retailers.
Who's going to be drinking it: Anyone who's already a fan of the Dufftown favourite. 
undefinedWhat is it: The FIRST gin from fruity cider favourites, Kopparberg. As expected it's a sweeter style gin, packed full of fruity flavours, perfect for summer evenings. 
When are they launched? Now, available in supermarkets and pubs nationwide.
Who's going to be drinking it: Anyone who's jumped on the pink gin bandwagon.
undefinedWhat is it: Hackney Wick-based brewery CRATE have teamed up with Vocation, the independent craft brewery in Leeds, to brew this limited-edition collaborative beer.... the result - a passionfruit milkshake IPA, which is deliciously juicy, not too fruity, with a nice hoppy dryness.
When are they launched? Now, available in Tescos nationwide.
Who's going to be drinking it: Anyone wanting a tasty bev to impress at BBQs or enjoy in the sunshine.  
undefinedWhat is it: The newest, limited edition expression from the Bombay Sapphire team. Inspired by summer and featuring pennyroyal mint, rosehip and toasted hazelnut botanicals, capturing the essence of the hills and hedgerows that surround their Laverstoke Mill Distillery.
When are they launched? 28th March
Who's going to be drinking it: Ginthusiasts everywhere! 
undefinedWhat is it: The newest lower-alcohol and vegan-friendly rosé from the Mirabeau family. Created using a blend of Caladoc and Syrah and boasting an elegant, summer fruit hit, balanced by peach and citrus notes. It has all the moreishness of the dry rosés from the region and is out just in time for summer.
When are they launched? Now, available exclusively in Sainsbury's.
Who's going to be drinking it:  Anyone who fancies a light rosé with less punch. Mirabeau already have a huge following, so we have no doubt that this will fly off the shelves!
undefinedWhat is it: The first gin from the awesome team at Ben's Canteen, made on a small copper still in the bar area of their restaurant in Earlsfield. Inspired by Mallorcan dreaming and London living, it's a traditional juniper forward gin with notes of orange and honey. 
When are they launched? Now, available through a selection of independent outlets and their own restaurants.
Who's going to be drinking it: Red Snapper fans... first came the Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix, now the gin - it only makes sense to combine the two! 
undefinedWhat is it: A Calvados brand with a #beepositive message from Founder of Healthy Hospo, Tim Etherington-Judge and Wine & Spirits Specialist Stephanie Jordan. The name Avallen derives from Old Cornish, a language that existed during the period (800–1200) and means ‘Apple Tree’. The liquid is fresh, fruity and proudly apple forward in its flavour profile, a Calvados AOC aged in French oak barrels for 2 years and bottled at 40% ABV with no added sugar, caramel or boisé.
When are they launched? May 2019.
Who's going to be drinking it: Anyone who enjoys a delicious Calvados and wants to support the brilliant bees!
undefinedWhat is it:
The latest addition to Salcombe Gin's award-winning Voyager Series, ‘Island Queen’. This new gin has been developed in collaboration with acclaimed chef Monica Galetti and is named after a famous Salcombe Fruit Schooner from the 19th century fruit trade. A rich, balanced and totally tropical gin bursting with fresh pineapple, tropical lime and fruity spice from pink peppercorns.
When are they launched? Now, available directly through Salcombe Gin, in several department stores, independent retailers and will be served at Monica's restaurant, Mere.
Who's going to be drinking it: Fans of the Voyager Series and anyone who keen to try a London dry with an exciting, fruity twist.

What is it: A brand-new, sustainably conscious gin made in England using grape spirit produced from fresh table grapes that didn't quite make it into that punnet on your desk. Flavoured with a blend of botanicals inspired by the grapes African and South American origins including coriander, myrrh and rooibos, this is a tasty, fruity and versatile gin that works well in both a classic G&T or a Martini.
When are they launched? Now, HYKE Gin is available through their website and many other trade and consumer stockists.
Who's going to be drinking it: Gin enthusiasts with a conscience.

What is it: The newest blended whisky from the Mars Shinshu Distillery in Japan, located 800m above sea level and benefitting from pure spring water that has been filtered through the mountain over centuries. Kasei, which means Mars in Japanese, is a whisky of malt and grain, a true ambassador of Japanese style whiskies boasting notes of white flowers, ripe fruit and a light touch of smoke.
When are they launched? Now, you can buy it through a number of online retailers. 
Who's going to be drinking it: Japanese whisky fans.

What is it: A London vodka, gin and rum. The trio were born out of a desire to be easily used by bartenders, whilst also staying true to their strong emphasis on provenance and skilfully selecting the best of the best ingredients from all over England.
When are they launched? Spring 2019.
Who's going to be drinking it: Anyone seeking out something special from the British spirits category.

What is it:
A brand new range of luxury liqueurs which have been created by three of the world's most renowned and awarded bartenders - Alex Kratena, Monica Berg & Simone Caporale. They are created in a unique way, mirroring the way that perfume is made, and also support NGOs in the Amazon with all ingredients sustainably sourced to promote biodiversity.
When are they launched? Spring 2019.
Who's going to be drinking it: Beloved drinks nerds and bartenders
What is it: 
A small-batch rum, aged for 18 years in bourbon barrels and finished in white oak Sherry barrels from Andalusia in Spain. Bumbu XO joins the original top-selling rum Bumbu and it's portfolio, which is much loved by rapper Lil Wayne.
When is it launched? Now, Bumbu XO is available worldwide in nightclubs, bars and retailers.
Who's going to be drinking it: We forsee a lot of nightclubs using this, so anyone who enjoys a tropical cocktail and a boogie.
What is it: A new non-alcoholic beer, independently brewed in partnership with Bavarian beer experts, which has one distinct priority - flavour; and one distinct absentee - alcohol. Already stocked in the likes of Blacklock, Worship St Whistling Shop, Padella and 7 Saints, this is one to watch. Pitching themselves as 'rewarding those who aren’t drinking with a drink they deserve'
When is it launched? Now, you can buy Lucky Saint beer through their website.
Who's going to be drinking it: For now, diners who are looking to enjoy a glass of the frothy good stuff minus the sauce.
What is it: Small batch gin
When is it launched? 1st February 2019
What we know: It's distilled and bottled in Jundiai in Brazil and features 21 botanicals from all corners of the world, at least six of which are found in no other gin. The gin’s psychedelic name is inspired by a mysterious poem of the same name, which details an encounter with a mysterious rock band. 
Who's going to be drinking it: Anyone who likes to pick the newest gin from a back bar and study it's unique botanicals.
What is it? Range of Añejo, Reposado and Plata Tequila
When is it launched? Spring 2019
What we know: It's part owned by Chris Noth, who you will recognise most as 'Mr Big' from Sex & The City. An artisinal tequila with the dragonfly as its symbol - the guardian of the blue agave fields.
Who's going to be drinking it: If the people involved are anything to go by, we reckon it'll be the more mature whisk(e)y crowd.

What is it? Single malt Scotch whisky.
When is it launched? 7th December 2018.
What we know: Matured for 20 years in Sherry cask, only 198 bottles of this expression will be exclusively available at World Duty Free’s “World of Whiskies” stores in Heathrow Terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Who's going to be drinking it: Scotch lovers flying home for Christmas.

What is it? Old Tom style gin.
When is it launched? Autumn 2018.
What we know: Staying true to the Old Tom style recipe, this expression cold distills the tropical botanicals before sweetening the gin.    
Who's going to be drinking it: The giant G&T goblet constituency looking for a summery twist on their usual.