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What are the cocktail experiments?

We’ve picked out some of our favourite cocktails that we think are VASTLY improved when you know exactly how you like them and how to make them, then turned them into our very own DrinkUp one-stop masterclasses. So you'll walk away knowing how to order YOUR perfect version.

We at DrinkUp believe that when it comes to drinking well – knowledge is everything. Even the most simple of drink like a Gin & Tonic can be tailored to be YOUR very best version just by knowing whether you like floral gins or spicy gins, whether you’re an old fashioned Schweppes fan or not or whether you prefer a lemon wheel or a grapefruit twist. With so many variables – the only way to really know your preference is by trial… but how to do that without investing mucho cash in many, many different bottles?

And so – we present The Cocktail Experiments!

We’ve picked out some classic cocktails that we think are VASTLY improved when you know exactly how you like them. Whether that’s switching the base spirit in an Old Fashioned, understanding what sweet or dry vermouths do to your Negroni or finding out just how coffee-y you like your Espresso Martini, we’ve got you covered.

Held at TT Liquor on Kingsland Road and hosted by one of the lovely DrinkUp team you’ll whistle stop tour through the history of your chosen cocktail and then get cracking on the good stuff. During each experiment you’ll taste a minimum of six spirits to see which suits your palate best, then when you’re ready – you’ll make your perfect, full-sized version of the cocktail, with the help of the team to perfect your skills and techniques.

Once class is over, there’s another drink waiting for you in the cellar bar of the building – because it’s nice to be really sure right?! Or if you’d prefer to whet your whistle beforehand– we don’t mind that either… Just make sure you arrive with enough time to drink up before class starts! It’s brilliant being a grown up isn’t it. 

Tickets are £15 and include an hour-long masterclass, two cocktails and all tasters.