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Cocchi Vermouth di Torino at The Negroni Experiment

An Italian vermouth steeped in rich family history.

75cl / 16%
Made to a family recipe created more than 100 years ago, Cocchi's rich, intense, well-rounded flavour sets it apart from the competition. With enticing notes of red fruits and orange, this is a versatile vermouth that is delicious served on its own with ice, but also makes a great base for a range of cocktails, including a Manhattan, Martinez or Negroni.


Another of the classic houses of vermouth from Turin - the origin of this style and so dubbed the ‘Kingdom of Vermouth’. The original recipe calls for rhubarb and cinchona, giving the vermouth its light brown colour.
TASTE : On the nose we find cocoa and bitter orange, camphor, rosemary, with delicate notes of wormwood, sandalwood, musk, nutmeg and myrrh, and a very well balanced and rich vermouth that plays very well with other spirits.