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Belsazar Red at The Negroni Experiment

A Berlin wine aperitif with notes of rich fruits and herbs.

75cl / 18%
Made using wines made in the Baden region of Germany, fortified with fruit eau de vie from legendary producer Schladerer, and flavoured with herbs including wormwood.


Made in Germany, on the perimeters of the Black Forest, Belsazar arrange their wine aperitif around red grapes such as Pinot Noir and the aromatic Moscatel. Wormwood, spices, herbs and blossoms are macerated with the wines which is then fortified using fruit brandy from the famous Black Forest distillery Schladerer. Max and Sebastian, the founders of Belsazar, are sharing their burning passion for regional and high quality wines, marvelous distilleries and exceptional recipes along with their love for the sense of creativity nurtured on the streets of Berlin. They were searching for a light aperitif with high quality and the idea for Belsazar was born.

Sebastian is the taste maker behind the brand and with his hands-on mentality and a deep knowledge about craft spirit, flavours and macerates, he tried over 400 different blends until he was happy and truly satisfied. Besides this tireless striving for the best taste, the quality of regional wines from Germany is also one of the main essential requirements of Belsazar Vermouth and its taste. Max is the mastermind when it comes to the wine that is used to produce Belsazar. He lives in the south of Germany, in the heart of the areas where the best wines get produced, so he takes care of the production and the continuity of the quality that is the essence of the product.
TASTE : Big hits of unusual spices such as tonka and a fantastically big body. This is an extremely characterful wine aperitif.