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Starward Australian Single Malt Whisky at The Old Fashioned Experiment

Award-winning Australian whisky aged in fortified wine casks. Delicious.

70cl / 43%
STARWARD began with a simple vision: offer the world a modern whisky unshackled from tradition. STARWARD borrows from the past without being constrained by it, and combines it with the best Australia has to offer: Australian barley, Australian red wine barrels, and the dynamic Melbourne climate. Discover what whisky can be.


Founded in 2007 by David Vitale, a Melbournite who wanted to reflect the fantastic culture of his home city, as well as harnessing the ageing power of their famous weather which, as Crowded House sang, can encompass 'four seasons in one day'. The whisky is made from 100% Australian malted barley, and is uniquely aged in Australian wine barrels, formerly used to hold ‘Apera’, an Australian fortified wine, similar to sherry. The barrels are carefully selected, retoasted, and resized before being filled with new make spirit, and being aged for 3 years.

TASTE: STARWARD is incredibly fruity, with juicy orchard fruit and citrus - rich, toasty caramel and crème brûlée. Mixed into an Old Fashioned the incredible fruit nose and palate is elevated, bringing forward the toast of the cask. Try with a orange twist and experiment with a dash of Angostura and orange bitters too.