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Copper Dog Scotch Whisky at The Old Fashioned Experiment

A Speyside whisky which is a fruity blend of eight single malts.

70cl | 40%
Copper Dog is a Scotch whisky that sums up all that is good about Speyside. A combination of eight single malts, Copper Dog is deliciously fruity with a hint of honey and spice.


Copper Dog is a blend of single malts from a region of Scotland named Speyside, and the most prolific area of malt production, as many as 50 distilleries are clustered around the river Spey, the river Fiddich, Livet, Lossie, or Avon. It’s famous for whiskies such as the Macallan, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Glenfarclas. Copper Dog was founded by owner Piers Adam while staying at the Craigellachie Hotel, previously owner of the Punch Bowl pub in Mayfair with Guy Richie. It is a blended malt and designed to show off the characteristics of the Speyside style, while being the ultimate mixing Scotch. The whisky was named after a device used by warehouse men to pilfer a little of the whisky. By welding a penny to the bottom of a piece of copper pipe and threading it on a chain they could dip it into the barrels to fill it, then attach it to their belt so it dangled down undetected on the inside of their trousers. 

TASTE: Malt character comes through in spades with dried fruit, vanilla, toffee apple and pear.