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Bluecoat Gin at The Negroni Experiment

An American new-wave gin that is totally organic and five times distilled.

70cl / 47%
Bluecoat is the latest addition to the ranks of American gins descending on these shores, and has been batch-distilled five times in a custom-built copper pot still, using all-organic botanicals.


Bluecoat is the first ever American Dry Gin, made using a blend of 100% organic botanicals all weighed and added by hand to every batch. Based in an old metal processing warehouse in Philidelpha, the Bluecoat distillery was among the first 50 active craft distillery licenses in America. The brand's founder wanted to create a spirit that offered an alternative take on traditional British style gins and before the distillery opened, over 50 different blends of the same botanicals were tested, before the perfect combination for Bluecoat was found. An exceptionally smooth and very citrus forward gin that brings an extra zing to every drink.
TASTE : Pine needles, juniper and a blast of citrus on the nose, on the palate the juniper becomes more concentrated and the citrus element opens up into orange blossom and sherbet lemon.The finish is sweet with a final hit of zesty citrus fruit.