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Meet your host Barny Ingram

Meet Barny, one of our hosts who joined us last year and find out how he danced his way into hospitality.

With a background in theatre, film and television, Barny is no stranger to being centre stage. And after transitioning to a career in hospitality he worked in a number of bar and restaurant operations, studying wine and learning to brew beer, in 2014 he stopped short of heading up a London microbrewery to hone is expertise as a bar consultant.

Joining us last year, his expertise across the hospitality and entertainment industries makes him a great host for our Cocktail Experiments.

Here we find out a little bit more about what makes him tick...

What do you do for work?
I run Dare Hospitality, a bar and restaurant consultancy company based in London 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself… 
Not many people in the industry know I had a career as a professional dancer for 9 years before I changed to a career in hospitality. I studied ballet from 3 years old.

Where’s your favourite spot for a tipple in London?
Good question.  For me a great drink is made or broken by the hospitality that surrounds it.  There are so many places for amazing drinks in London right now, but a great bar experience is so much more than what’s in the glass. As a South Londoner, I'm really enjoying Stillwater and Shrub & Shutter at the moment. Not just for the quality and creativity of their drinks, but foremost they both really 'get' hospitality and that for me is what it's all about.

What would be your desert island drink and meal of choice?
An ice cold coca-cola out of a glass bottle and a choc ice from a cool box - I could live off those memories for a lifetime!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?
When I was a kid, one day I was so determined not to go into school I took the thermometer and ran it under the hot tap to show my mother how ’sick’ I was.  I didn’t realise the end of the thermometer broke under the pressure of the water and when I put it under my tongue I filled my mouth with mercury! 

What celeb would you most like to go on a bar crawl with and why?
If I could jump back 5 years with the bars of today, then Rik Mayall. Who wouldn’t want to go on a bar crawl with Lord Flashheart?

If you could open a proper London boozer what would you call it?
The Queen Vic 

What’s your go to cocktail to make at parties?
Espresso Martini's go down well at parties, everyone loves a good EM, they're super easy to make and I find the ratios are particularly forgiving when it gets to the time in the evening when your hand might not be quite as steady as it was!

If you were a drink what would you be?
A really good El Presidente.  Not because I have any desire whatsoever to assume such a political role but I would happily drink myself to my ultimate demise.