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A blend of rums from Trinidad and Barbados - this spiced rum will really pack a punch!

70cl / 37.5%
Dead Man's Fingers is a spiced rum created by the owners of Cornwall restaurant The Rum & Crab Shack. A blend of rums from Trinidad and Barbados that is aged for three years, this has notes of orange, nutmeg, vanilla and raisin.


A few years ago, on the rugged English seafront of St Ives, Cornwall; there was a shack. Weather-beaten and derelict with a great big hole in the roof letting in the salty sea air. Most people looking at that building would see nothing more than a shell. They, however, saw potential. A chance to create something unique. Being dedicated foodies, it was an opportunity to create something very different from the quaint Gingham table-clothed tea rooms and eateries that populate this part of the coast. Something that would embrace the best produce of the surrounding land and, of course, the sea. Somewhere full of life, and laughter and music. Thus The Rum & Crab Shack was born. 

No surprise then, that pretty soon their thoughts turned to creating their very own rum. The citrus notes in other rums favour the more acidic end of the citrus scale with hints of lemon and lime. Instead, they decided to create a rum with slightly sweeter characteristics of orange. Perhaps it was something to do with how open-minded us Cornish folks are to influences far and wide that we soon found flavours that floated our collective boats. Saffron cake, Pedro Ximenez ice cream, nutmeg, vanilla and of course oranges; inhale the aroma of Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum, and you’ll find echoes of all them. 
Inspiration for the name came from the place the brand calls home; Cornwall - which is why it made sense to go back to The Rum and Crab shack and its most popular dish; Crab. There’s a lot to like in a crab; however, the gills are inedible and should be removed and discarded. Long and thin to look at, local fishermen have always referred to these gills as the dead man’s fingers. Folklore says, eat the dead man’s fingers and you’ll die –  we’ll leave it to you to find out if that’s true but the last guy who tried ended up with his skull on the bottle (allegedly).

TASTE : Rich hints of orange, nutmeg, vanilla and raisin and spiced fruit.