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East London favourite and part of the only one-suite hotel in the city, Devil's Darling, has had a makeover. Boasting a much more edgy look with a shiny new drinks list to go with it, we take a look at what you can now expect when you head up to this Shoreditch watering hole...

Head up the staircase behind Sack Bar and you'll find yourself in Devil's Darling, technically a hotel bar thanks to the hotel room above and a great spot for a cocktail when the hustle and bustle of this part of town becomes too much. The focus here is on classics, done really well, but with a modern twist - there's a slight nod to France in the new drinks too. 

The décor, which once was reminiscent of a 70's living room, complete with a huge murial of Napoleon's coronation that the bar was famous for, now boasts touches of character graffiti thanks to the cool cats at Republic Y. Highlights include a blue monster version of Napolean crossing the alps and blue-nosed women with wings, along with touches that are reminiscent of it's former fit out.

Tables that used to be clothed in white linen with green cut glass candle lamps are now draped in black, lending to the more overall grungey feel to the place.

And as for the drinks... before, the cocktail list was limited to three twists on classics that changed daily, whereas now a full list has been created. An overall theme of France can be seen throughout with some modern ingredients that show these guys are keeping up to date with the trends, whilst still making something tasty and gorgeous for us to drink.

Scroll down for some highlights of the new menu...  

undefinedCrème de Pêche, pink peach juice, sparkling rosé.

undefinedCroissant Cognac liqueur, Bacardi Cuatro, Sauternes, clarified butter.

undefinedGrey Goose Poire, Dolin Chamberyzette, pommeau, pickling vinegar.

undefinedFig leaf washed Grey Goose vodka, fig liqueur, Chase Juniper Vodka, Provence rosé.

undefinedBombay Sapphire, Grey Goose Citron, sugar syrup, supasawa, Moet & Chandon.