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Perfect for late nights at your desk, long train rides and picnics in the park... wine in a can isn't new but some of the latest players are really raising the vine, with their newest offerings giving us something in a tin that we can proudly share with friends...

Completely recyclable and small enough to fit in your handbag, canned wine ticks a lot of boxes, especially when all you fancy is a glass of wine on the go. And with some seriously good winemakers jumping on the canned-wagon you can now crack open a nice chilled tinny of pale rosé, or even an English sparkling in a gorgeously decorated vessel and not have to worry about any pesky plastic cups!

Here we take a look at the newest tasty drops that you can fill your coolbag, handbag or lunchbox (we're not judging) with this summer...


The UK's first and only English sparkling wine in a can - need we say more! Conjured up by two very clever guys, Henry & Alex, and proudly produced in Peckham of all places. They've got a delicious white bubbly made from Bacchus grapes or a pink from pinot noir, both presented in super pretty cans that are perfect for convincing even the most prudent of picnickers that canned wine is the way to go.
Available from £4.99 in Selfridges and Waitrose nationwide.


A fan of a classic rosé or cheeky sav at the end of the day, then this is the can for you. The wine for whenever, both sourced from family-run vineyards in France, resulting in a moreish dry, crisp and best of all completely vegan wine!
Available from £2.80 in Sainsburys stores nationwide, Sourced and other independent stores. 


With a range of rosé's and rosé ice pops already available, we knew it wouldn't be long before award-winning winemakers, Mirabeau-en-Provence, popped it in a can. Their answer comes in the form of a sexy slimline tin  - we're already co-ordinating outfits to go with the tonal colouring - filled with all the pink Provence goodness.
Available from £3.49 in Waitrose stores nationwide.


For a different take on your classic Pinot Grigio grab a can of one of Most Wanted's slightly fizzy versions that use delicious Hungarian grapes in both their white and pink varieties... perfect for when you just want one glass of bubbles!
Available from £3.99 Tesco, Morrisons, M&S and independent stores.