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Three of the Top 50 Best Bars are en route to London

50 Best Bars has become the go-to for cocktail aficionados looking for the very best drinks and hospitality in the world - but how to get round them all!?

50 Best Bars has become the go-to for cocktail aficionados looking for the very best drinks and hospitality in the world. Hosted in October each year – as a bar owner - if you make the list – your star is certainly on the rise. 10 of the top 50 are already here in London – lucky us, we have the lion’s share for sure – but what about the other forty? It’s a huge commitment to visit them all, so the good news is – this March there are three big hitters coming to London. 

In at No. 6 in the 2019 list - those charming chaps from The Clumsies in Athens will be taking over St James’s Bar down on the Haymarket on the 3rd and 4th March. If you’ve not stopped into the St James bar yet, we strongly suggest you do – however this is a double whammy reason to go. With a unique menu, focussing on Greek ingredients they’re bringing five specially created cocktails. 

We’re looking forward to tasting The Synthesis

undefinedLondon dry gin, white beetroot, vermouth and cocoa

And we’re super intrigued by the Clear Soup

undefinedBlanco tequila, coconut & pineapple sherry, lime, celery ash and hops

Barcelona is also heading to London - but en masse with Paradiso (No. 20) taking over the bar at 100 Wardour Street from 3rd-6th March and then Dr Stravinsky (No. 25) is taking over 100 Wardour’s basement bar - The Den from 5th-8th March

Normally situated in a pastrami bar and hidden behind the door of a refrigerator, Paradiso is far more than a standard speakeasy bar and has been made famous by their wonderfully theatrical cocktails. 

We can’t wait to taste the Kriptonita – a Gimlet style cocktail with a fluorescent glow and the strength of Superman.

undefinedGin washed with shiso and lemongrass, riboflavina, electric liquor, dry vermouth, pomelo cordial, chocolate bitters and kaffir lime

With a totally different vibe, and reminiscent of a 19th century laboratory, Dr Stravinksy delivers elaborate and sustainable concoctions with homemade liquids made from locally sourced produce. 
We’ll be ordering the Truffle Rosita

undefinedBlanco tequila redistilled in truffle, Campari Bitter, Carpano Antica Formula and dry vermouth

No reservations are required for any of these pop-ups – just block some time out of your diary and make sure you pop your head in!