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How To Make A Clover Club

Gin, raspberry, lemon, sugar and egg white.

Silky and sweet

An all-round people pleaser, the Clover Club is a delicious gin and berry sour, striking a perfect balanced between citrus and sweet.

Named for a Philadelphia organisation of writers and lawyers, who were known for being rather riotous, this cocktail was first drunk by the members of the club before the wider world fell in love with its smooth texture and fruity flavour.By 1910 the Clover Club was fast becoming the rage of New York, and a year later the recipe is first recorded in the bar book of the old Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

However since that inital heyday the drink had a rough few decades, being lumped under ‘something for the girls’ in Esquire’s 1949 Handbook for Hosts.

Pink it is, girly it really isn't. As cocktail historian David Wondrich wrote "the Clover Club is unusual, tasty, strong, and not at all slimy." So you needn't be scared of the egg white either. 

Today the Clover Club is a popular menu staple for bars on both sides of the Atlantic, and even if it's not on the list you'll probably find the bar can make one. Check if they have gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, raspberries (a cordial can be subsituted but won't be anywhere near as tasty) and fresh egg white. 

If the coupette glass isn't for you or you prefer long drinks then upgrade to the Clover Club's big brother, the Albermarle Fizz which is just topped with soda water and servered over ice. Gobsmackingly good. 

Make it at home:

Prep Time: 7 minutes   |   Serves: 1   |  Skill: Medium

50ml gin   |   20ml fresh lemon juice   |   20ml fresh egg white   |   20ml sugar syrup   |  3 fresh raspberries    |   Cubed ice to shake

Place a coupe glass in the freezer three hours before to chill   |   Separate an egg white from its yolk. Yolk may be discarded

Cocktail Shaker   |   Hawthorne Strainer   |   Cocktail Glass

1. Pour the gin, lemon juice, egg white and raspberries and sugar syrup into one half of you cocktail shaker
2. Cover and shake well without ice to emulsify the egg white
3. Open the shaker and fill with ice
4. Shake again until thoroughly chilled
5. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.